People ask us why we take confidential – not anonymous – reports, and what the difference is. Here’s our answer, and why confidentiality matters.

   The difference between confidential and anonymous reporting

What do we mean by confidential?

Being confidential means that anyone raising their health, safety and wellbeing concerns with us has their identity protected. As an independent organisation, we have kept all concerns confidential since starting in 1996.

We never share details that might identify you when we pass your concerns to the relevant company to investigate and act. This emphasises the concern, NOT the person reporting it. We ask for your details so that we can stay in touch through the reporting process.

Confidentiality goes beyond not using your name. When you contact us, our reporting analysts will ask you about your concern in detail, to ensure that nothing could identify you or a colleague. After your report is closed, we destroy any identifying details we hold.

Have a concern? Get in touch!

Raise your concern with us. We’ll contact you at a time that suits you, so we can discuss your concern with you. We’ll then pass it to the relevant company, making sure you get a response – and a chance to ask further questions.

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