Network Rail’s hard-hitting railway electrical safety step up campaign draws attention to risks you might miss and shares information to help you stay safe.

Do you work with electricity? Make sure you stay safe! Check out the campaign stories on the Safety Central website (link below) – with a further website linked for Network Rail staff. You’ll find films, slides, promotional materials, a personal commitment to working safely, and guides to help run briefing sessions.

There are separate resources for each railway electrical sub-system: overhead line equipment or conductor rail.

Key points

  • Test before touch.
  • Choose to challenge – if it feels unsafe, it probably is.
  • Be self-aware. Understand your own capabilities, limitations and behaviours – and recognise these in others. Complacency, impaired judgement, preoccupation or distraction, memory lapses, 
    gaps in understanding and competence – all these can affect safety.

Find out more


Some stills from the videos (available to anyone at the website link above) are shown below.

Conductor rail safety video

What about the con rail permit stuff - electrical safety story

Look as the new boy - electrical safety story

Falling dangerously conductor rail - electrical safety story

Overhead line safety video

The adjacent goods line is still live - electrical safety story

Sad and thinking - electrical safety story

Electrical overhead line work - electrical safety story

That was a doddle for once - electrical safety story