Why is fatigue a risk factor, in highways and other transport sectors, and what have we learnt from fatigue-related concerns?

We've explored this and more in our article on pages 72-73 of Safer Highways magazine issue 9.

'You may not immediately realise when fatigue is the reason for an issue or incident. Fatigue affects judgement in a similar way to alcohol, leading to lower standards of work, and could erode safety and performance gradually. Irritable behaviour can be linked to fatigue or even mental health issues. When it builds up to exhaustion over time, fatigue can impact mental wellbeing too.

'Pre-emptive action is best. At CIRAS we share with our members the learning from data drawn from the concerns people raise with us. This can help their own thinking about how to tackle health and safety issues in their workplace, including fatigue. So what are some of the things we have learned from this intelligence?'

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