From this week, you’ll notice a change in our communications.  

We not only have a bold, bright new look, we’re also talking a bit differently about CIRAS to everyone so we can have the most effective impact on health and safety. We're the same team, still listening. 

We still encourage you to raise your health and safety concerns, whether through our confidential safety hotline or other reporting channels. And we’re still here to help our members build a better listening culture, where they can hear concerns from anyone working in transport – not just their own employees. 

If you’ve spotted a potential safety issue but feel you can’t use internal reporting channels – or if you’ve tried without success – you can contact us and we will listen to you carefully and impartially. It does not matter whether your concern relates to your own company or one you work with, such as a client or contractor.  

We will listen to your concern, protect your identity and send a report to the company.  

The right people can then act, and we’ll keep you updated on their response. Our member organisations learn valuable safety information that they might otherwise have missed. 

If there’s a risk of imminent harm, please use more immediate reporting channels instead.  

Raise a concern now 

CIRAS members 

In the member resources area of our website, you’ll find rebranded assets to help you promote CIRAS to staff. Plus look out for new content and resources through the year.  

In the next few weeks, you’ll be receiving your new-look Membership Matters newsletter

If you have any questions, contact your CIRAS stakeholder manager or email Or take a look at our frequently asked questions

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