We're supporting Rail Safety Week, like many in the industry. Here's how you can too.

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Every year, the rail industry has a dedicated week to focus on rail safety, together. In 2024, Rail Safety Week is 24 to 30 June, and the key message is: rail safety affects us all.

Rail Forum organises the week, which is packed with events across the sector. Some of these are a chance for the industry to get together to discuss key safety issues and what we can all do, such as the Rail Safety Week conference on Monday 24 June, where CIRAS exhibited and met with delegates.

Other events reach out to the wider industry and the public, raising safety awareness that can help us all to stay safe and keep others safe too. 

This year's focus is on helping young people stay safe around the rail network. For example, find out about Rail Safe Friendly at the link below. The Rail Safe Friendly programme educates millions of young people on rail safety and has reached nearly 6,000 schools. Many businesses are partners of the programme, helping to support it to roll out targeted rail safety awareness to as many young people as possible.

The rail industry's Switched On programme offers rail safety resources for ages 3-16. It has a range of age-targeted films, interactive games and classroom activities, including the devastating real-life short film of Harrison's story, for older age groups, and Stay Safe with Thomas and Friends for young children.

Rail Safety Week has also produced rail safety resources, to share with young people and the wider community. These include children's colouring and crossword competitions, and links to resources for schools. It also provides links to key safety statistics and reports, and resources to help you show your support. Find these all at the Rail Safety Week resources link below.

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