Report brings trespass risk hotspot to attention and leads to many methods of prevention.

Lelant station

Lelant station aerial view. © Network Rail

Reporter's concern

  • Members of the public were trespassing on the track at Lelant station. 
  • At the south end of the platform, a user-operated crossing provides a way to cross safely. At the other end of the station (St Ives end) there is no authorised crossing, but people cross there to get to the side of a river estuary for walks.

They asked Network Rail to install a barrier at the St Ives end and an anti-trespass pad between the end of this and the platform edge, as well as adding signs about the dangers of trespass.

Network Rail's response

  • This had not been a high-priority location due to a lack of reported route crime incidents, and the report has flagged this new location.
  • There has since been a site visit at Lelant station, and an overt camera was installed along with anti-trespass signage. 
  • Several trespass incidents have been captured on the camera, which remains in place. Western Delivery Unit has installed new fencing at this end of the platform. Our education partner LearnLive has also been tasked with contacting all local schools to carry out bespoke rail safety packages.
  • A joint Police and Network Rail Community Engagement Day has since taken place at the station, with a visible police presence. We talked to and educated users of both the user-operated, permitted crossing and the unauthorised shortcut.

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