Fencing updates, patrols and community engagement aim to prevent trespass.


Trespassers were regularly accessing the trackside abutment of a bridge in Jordanhill, Glasgow, said a reporter, with the bridge a target of graffiti for years. 

The reporter suspected it was accessed through the palisade fence or via the station platform.  Considering the dangers of trespassing on the railway, they asked Network Rail to review trespass prevention measures at this location and ensure that members of public cannot access the running line. 

Network Rail’s response 

Our Performance Improvement team carried out a full review of the trackside bridge area with the British Transport Police in response to this report.  We have fixed the boundary fencing, and the British Transport Police will increase their patrols.  

We have recommended that the local Off-Track team fit anti-climb devices to the access gates closest to the graffiti.  We have also submitted a request for the bottom of the fence to be extended to block an area of the ground that appears to be dug out, and to install a fence beneath the billboard to block access. 

Longer term, we will be working with the local community and speaking with graffiti artists to build relationships to prevent graffiti in this area.  We will encourage the community to keep graffiti to pre-determined, safe locations. 

Our anti-trespass campaign, You vs Train, is ongoing through various media channels, mainly social media and the radio.

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