Signs added and briefing given, as existing gate design is reconsidered following concern about station's vulnerability to trespass.

Leeds Station 623x350

Reporter's concern

  • Leeds station is vulnerable to trespass. A gate to platform 0 from a car park doesn’t close itself behind staff because its springs are faulty. It used to be fitted with a hydraulic arm.
  • Staff from the train operating companies at the station must close the gate behind them, but it does not always happen, so members of the public can access the platform from the car park.
  • There is evidence of trespass, as a train stabled at this platform was graffitied.

They asked Network Rail to brief operators about closing the gate, and to fit a hydraulic arm.

Network Rail's response

  • We had replaced the hydraulic arm with springs when staff reported it wasn’t closing the gate, but this report has highlighted these are also insufficient. The project team that installed the gate are now looking at other solutions, such as a stronger hydraulic arm or a more lightweight gate that would close more easily.
  • Since this report we have fitted signs on the gate reminding staff to close it, and briefed on the importance of doing this. We have also highlighted the concern to station security staff.
  • We are not aware of any trespass incidents via the gate or walkway.
  • After any incident, we investigate to establish root cause and actions needed to prevent recurrence.
  • We hold fortnightly meetings to discuss trespass risks at the station and work towards longer-term solutions such as enhanced platform-end protection across the station.

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