Sometimes there is confusion about CIRAS, such as when you can contact us – the answer is: always! If we cannot help you then we will make sure you know where you can get help and give you details. Here are some more truths about us.

CIRAS is your independent confidential reporting service for health, safety and wellbeing concerns. You tell us, we listen, and we share your concerns with the company without identifying you.

You can tell us your concern whether you have reported it before or if it is the first time you are speaking up about it to anyone. You do not have to report internally to your line manager, through official channels, or anywhere else before coming to us with your concern. In fact, we exist because we know that you might feel uncomfortable reporting safety concerns and might prefer to use a confidential, independent channel – that's us.

You can raise a concern with us for any company – not just your employer. This means we will pass your concern to a contractor that you are working with, or a site owner for example. You can speak up for the safety of everyone on site – and for public safety.

We understand that you come to us for many reasons. Maybe you and your manager or supervisor don't get along on a personal level and you feel that your concern wouldn't be properly heard. Maybe you fear losing your job if you speak up. Maybe you are frustrated that you have raised your concern once before or multiple times and still nothing is being done. These are all valid reasons to raise your concerns with CIRAS.

We share your concerns with the company, but we have no regulatory power. We do ensure you get a response. Our role is to help you to be heard properly, with real consideration given to the issues you raise, and without bias against you as an individual. Please bear in mind that we cannot force a company to take action in a certain way. We do make sure the company responds within a reasonable time frame and we share that response with you.

We don't take real-time issues. Sometimes issues need to be dealt with immediately for safety reasons. Our service takes time because we are protecting your confidentiality.

You can raise cultural issues with us where you believe they affect health, safety and wellbeing. We know that safety is about people, and that work culture and relationships can affect safety. We cannot take concerns about the actions of specific individuals, but we will take a concern about the effect of bullying on a team, or if you don't feel safe personally in any way.

You can raise issues about the working environment and how it impact yours and others' health. So, if you have a concern about air quality, water quality, chemicals or other materials used, lighting, welfare facilities or anything else in the environment where you work – we will listen and share it because we know it all impacts on health and safety, whether directly or indirectly.

You can tell us about trespass and infrastructure asset issues – and a lot else. There are many issues you can raise with us. Remember: if you don't speak up, who will? You might see something that no one else notices, and even if they do, you don't know that they have reported it. Be safe, not silent.

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To see all CIRAS reports, register to our website with your work email address and visit our reports page. (CIRAS members only – see if your company is a member.)

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