April to mid-September 2019 has seen a 40% increase in confidential reports to CIRAS, compared to the same period last year. An increasing proportion of reports are being raised for infrastructure supply chain and bus organisations. Top themes remain equipment and rules and procedures.

The ‘Theme chart shows what staff are choosing to report to us in confidence.  We’d welcome your thoughts on whether this reflects or contrasts with what you hear through your own internal channels. Remember, CIRAS reports and company responses are published on the CIRAS members portal – if you’re a CIRAS member you can access this here with your user ID and password. You can search the reports for any lessons relevant to your organisation.  

We know that many reps have been proactively seeking out ways to remind their workforce that CIRAS is there should they wish to raise any concerns confidentially, or to invite their CIRAS stakeholder manager along to stand down days and other staff events to talk directly to their people. There is a link between an increased awareness and the number of reports raised through us, so please keep up the good work so that if people do have concerns but don’t feel able to raise them internally, they know where to turn.

See the reporting statistics for P1 - P6 2019 here.

If you have any questions or comments about the reporting data, or would like to request any data tailored to your own needs, please contact us at reports@ciras.org.uk.