Find out more about the reports we have closed between April and May 2019. The table includes the report number, brief description and sector.

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Report no. Title Sector(s)
Inadequate rest facilities on the 452 bus route
Bus & Coach  
Uncomfortable Drivers seats on ADH buses at Stamford Brook Garage
Bus & Coach  
Rostering issues for drivers at Colas Rail
Staff not receiving adequate personal needs breaks
Faulty passenger lifts at York railway station
Infrastructure Managers
Concern over controllers not being rule book trained Infrastructure Managers
01514 Concern over delivery of handbooks and modules
Infrastructure Managers
01600 Concern over fatigue monitoring at Hitchin Works Delivery Depot
Infrastructure Managers
01522 Concern over faulty mobile application Infrastructure Managers
01650 Concern over procedure for taking line blockages on Elizabeth Line Infrastructure Managers
01386 Concern over road blockage procedures following a near miss Infrastructure Managers
01583 Concern over safety of dispatching at Long Eaton station Infrastructure Managers
01242 Concerns that staff are not working to 019 standards Infrastructure Managers
01547 Faulty repeater signal at Berkhamsted Station Infrastructure Managers
01562 Concern over working environment at Liverpool Street station Infrastructure Managers
01689 Concern over barriers at Truro, Lelant Saltings and St Ives railway station Infrastructure Managers  
01683 Concern over track between Manor house and Turnpike lane on Piccadilly line LUL
01616 Concern over fatigue monitoring Supply Chain
01647 Lack of equipment trollies for cleaning staff at Kings Cross Station Supply Chain
01588 Staff exposed to diesel fumes and dust particles at Crewe Depot Supply Chain
01459 Concern over excessive walking from tunnel to surface level Supply Chain
01702 Seagull infestation at Bristol TrainCare depot Supply Chain
01560 Health concern over build-up of dust at Crewe Depot Supply Chain
01637 Insufficient rest periods for safety critical employees Supply Chain
01638 Employee competency concerns on site Supply Chain
01445 Security concerns at York Station TOC
01613 Bright headlights on new GWR Hitachi Units TOC
01605 Broken DOO mirror at White Notley Station TOC
01590 Concern over changes to staffing procedures at Newport Station TOC
01597 Concern over dazzling headlights on new Azuma trains TOC
01679 Concern over safety of dispatching at Long Eaton station TOC
01575 Concern over self-dispatching Class 125 trains TOC
01555 Crowding at Edinburgh Waverley Station TOC
01534 Crowding at Glasgow Queen Street TOC
01290 Deteriorating conditions of Ayr station TOC
01311 Health concern over build-up of dust in air conditioning units TOC
01621 Lack of hot water at Peterborough Nene Carriage Sidings TOC
01475 Reduction of training timeline for Customer Service Assistants TOC
01580 Unsafe practices at Cardiff Canton Traction Maintenance Depot TOC
01709 Concern over use of employee multi-purpose room at South Gatehouse office   TOC
01611 Concern over damage to Class 165 and 168 units TOC
01586 Staff exposure to pigeons at Newport station TOC
01615 Broken security gates at Wimbledon Park Depot TOC
01633 Concern over content of Safety Update Days TOC
01711 Concern over faded Automatic Warning System ‘sunflowers’ in class 165, 168 and 172 cabs TOC
01579 Fatigue concerns amongst train drivers TOC


Key: FOC - Freight Operating Company  LUL - London Underground Ltd  TOC - Train Operating Company