Raise your work safety, health and wellbeing concerns confidentially with CIRAS

Group of track workers on railway

If you see something at work that isn't right, or you're not sure about it, you can tell your supervisor and use your work reporting channels – or you could speak up using CIRAS' independent, confidential reporting service. We're here for you if you don't feel comfortable using the other reporting channels available to you and prefer to speak up confidentially.

If you work in transport and infrastructure and your employer is a CIRAS member, then you can use our confidential reporting service.

We listen to you – at a time that suits you – to really understand your concern and the issues around it, and then we share your concern with the company so that they can investigate and address it. We protect your identity, so no one will know who you are.

We can share your concerns with any company that you work with, such as a contractor or site owner. Your concern doesn't have to be for the company that directly employs you.

We can't take reports on real-time safety issues – where there is an imminent risk to safety – because it is quicker and safer to tell someone who can deal with it immediately.

Ways you can help protect your confidentiality

Why speaking up is important

What you can report to us

Take a look at the graphic below to see some of the topics and themes you might want to tell us about. For more detailed information, please see our page on what you can report.

Graphic of CIRAS reporting themes: welfare facilities, equipment, rules and procedures, safety practices, shift design, training and competence, fatigue, work environment, occupational hygiene, environment, asset integrity, culture