The new video looks at what bullying is and how best to tackle bullying in the workplace.

Bullying takes many forms, and is more common than many people realise. It can significantly impact mental health, wellbeing and safety.

The new RED 63 video from Rail Safety and Standards Board includes first-hand experience from a victim of bullying, and a drama showing behaviours in a track gang that led to tragedy. It shows different types of bullying from multiple perspectives. RED safety videos – for frontline railway staff – are available at for anyone at Rail Safety and Standards Board’s member companies.

Here we share some of CIRAS’ contribution and other moments from the video. Remember you can tell us about your bullying concerns if you think they’re affecting your team’s safety.

There are several types of bullying

These include:

  • ostracism (being excluded)
  • silent bullying
  • slighted behaviours/narcissistic injuries.

'Sitting by and letting somebody feel bullied is as dangerous as bullying that person.' – Lucy Shephard, wellbeing manager, Great Western Railway

1 Sitting by and letting somebody

2 feel bullied is as dangerous

3 as bullying that person

Real-life accounts of bullying

I was training somebody. It was their first turn. I was explaining how things worked and saying "look, we'll go through what I normally do."

And he got quite aggressive with me and telling me stuff that actually was wrong. And I was trying to explain that actually that wasn't quite right and this is what we were supposed to be looking for.

Trackside drama

Bullying can look different to different people

He likes to act like everyone's mate

They even make mean jokes on Facebook about him

I think Noah saw him as a bit of a pushover

It was just a laugh


One of the most dangerous signs of bullying is people not being able to speak up.

One of the most dangerous signs of bullying

is people not being able to speak up

CIRAS' Catherine Baker speaks in the video:

'Working well as a team, everyone is respected, everyone’s ideas and concerns can be listened to equally. But bullying can really disrupt that balance.

'It can affect people’s health and wellbeing and that’s reason enough to tackle the issue. It can also directly affect safety.

'If I’m the one being bullied, it can be really hard to concentrate on keeping myself and my colleagues safe.

'In a team, where you often have somebody who’s more experienced, more senior, perhaps has stronger qualifications, they’ll be looked up to in the team. If that person then behaves in a domineering way, that can reinforce itself and create an environment where if there is something unsafe it’s difficult for people to raise the issues.'

Watch the video on bullying prevention (RSSB login needed)

If you are concerned bullying is affecting the safety of your team, you can contact CIRAS in confidence. We will never reveal your identity.