Tips to help you make the most of Sober October if you’re taking part – or if you’re just looking to drink less alcohol.

A hand pushes away an alcoholic drink being offered

Remember why you’re doing it. If you’re signed up to the official Sober October (, your efforts will raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Think of the health benefits. Addiction specialist The Priory Group says if you give up alcohol even for a month, you’ll sleep better, eat better, be more hydrated, be more creative, make better decisions and have more energy! You’ll also save money you would have spent on drinks out.

Go drink-free with a mate. The more people who are in it together, the easier it will feel. You can support each other if there are difficult moments. And in October, remember lots more people will be going alcohol-free.

Celebrate small wins. Treat yourself (in an alcohol-free way) or celebrate milestones with people you love. You’ll make good memories where drink isn’t in the picture.

Keep your social life going. If you need extra help to go alcohol-free, steer clear of the pub and try sports activities (playing or watching), visit friends, go for a walk, go to the cinema or a café – or anything else you like.

Find the facts on alcohol and how to reduce or stop your drinking on the Drinkaware website.

If you need further help, see your doctor, or try a group such as Alcoholics Anonymous (0800 917 7650,

If you are concerned about your company's policy on alcohol and drugs, you can raise a concern confidentially with us.

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