What’s happened because of CIRAS reports closed in the first half of 2022/23, plus what you’ve been reporting in this time.

Got a health, safety or wellbeing concern about your workplace or another work site (including for another company)? Report it confidentially now.

Top five reporting themes for reports from April to October 2022

Here are some examples of what our reporters were concerned about that related to rules and procedures:

  • emergency speed restrictions not being posted in late notice cabinets
  • procedures for reporting concerns not including a process for feedback
  • dispatching feeling rushed due to the scheduling of services.

Whether people made the CIRAS report for their employer or another company April to October 2022

This chart (above) shows how many concerns raised during this time were for the reporter’s employer, and how many were for a company that wasn’t the reporter’s employer*.

*Where reporter’s employer is known.

Whether people who came to CIRAS April to October 2022 had reported internally first

Why people used CIRAS from April to October 2022

Actions from reports closed in April to October 2022

Actions from CIRAS reports April to October 2022


What you've told us about your experience of using CIRAS

Quotes from frontline reporters about their experience of using CIRAS