We will listen to you in total confidence. It’s what makes us different. We protect your identity so that no one except our reporting team will know who you are.

But did you know that a CIRAS report won’t reveal the identity of the reporter OR ANYONE ELSE involved in the concern?

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Nobody is identifiable from our reports – everyone’s identity is protected. When we assess whether your concern can stay confidential – meaning we can take it forward – it’s not just your name that we can keep secret. For example, we never include job titles, and only mention locations if enough people work there, so it’s not possible to tell the report came from you.

Maintaining confidentiality is so important to us that it means we can’t take forward certain concerns, including any about bullying where it’s possible to identify someone, and any drugs and alcohol concerns about individuals. If in doubt, contact us with your concern and we’ll help as best we can or let you know where you can find appropriate help and support.

Why is confidentiality important? Because CIRAS is a safe space for people to share their concerns without fear of consequences or judgement. It’s vital to protect everyone, as then there is always somewhere for someone to report even if they are not comfortable using other channels.

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