When you have a safety concern, you want the right people to listen. It’s important to be heard, and what you know could help keep others safe. If you make the right call and report your safety concerns, then the right people can act to prevent harm and reduce risk. You could even save a life.

You could tell your supervisor or manager, use company reporting channels, raise a close call, or get in touch with a union. If you prefer to raise your concerns in confidence, or if you’ve tried using other channels without success, you can also contact the CIRAS confidential safety hotline.

We hear you. We protect your identity. We send a report to the right people who can act. They won’t know who you are, but they will know about your concern. Our member companies commit to listen, investigate, take appropriate action, and respond to you through us so that you know what has been done.

When someone is listening, we’re all more likely to make the right call and raise our concerns. All of us can find ourselves in the role of listener, informally hearing concerns from our workmates or team, or formally receiving reports through CIRAS or other channels. By listening, we learn, and can encourage people to make the right call.  

So, is it your turn to make the right call and report your safety concerns? Or can you make time to listen, pay attention, and commit to build a listening culture where you work, to help others make the right call? Find out more on this page.

Download our Make the right call member resources pack