Think back – when you were at school. Did you ever face that dilemma of whether to tell the teacher about the kid in the playground who was bullying the new girl? Or the one who bragged that they would bring a penknife into school? Would they get stopped or would it just be you being picked on next time? We learn to choose our battles and let some other things go.

Come back to the present, to whatever role you work in now.  Have you ever asked yourself the question: What would I speak up about and what would I let go, and why?

At CIRAS we take calls week-in week-out from people who want to speak up but don’t want their identity revealed. They call us either because they don’t feel able to raise their concerns through their manager or other channels, or because they have tried but didn’t feel heard. All of them describe situations which could impact the health, wellbeing and safety of themselves or others. 76% of concerns we take result in action being taken by an employer. Last year that means 170 actions taken to improve health, wellbeing and safety based on intelligence that may not have come to light any other way. That might not seem very many given the size of the GB transport sector, but to the people who are still going home safe and well it is great news.

Why not take Rail Safety Week 24-28 June as a prompt to speak up about the things you have let go, and encourage your teams to do the same. And if anyone is concerned about speaking up openly, CIRAS is always there to take your call in complete confidence.

And remember, when you go home safe and well today, it may be because someone decided to speak up and not let something go.