Find out more about the reports we have closed between June and July 2019. The table includes the report number, brief description and sector.

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Report no.    Title                                                                                                                  Sector(s)                    
Intermittent fault on bus 12134
Bus & Coach
Mechanical and electrical faults with SLS-20 bus fleet
Bus & Coach
Fire door hazard at British Transport Police Head Quarters, London
Inadequate rest periods between safety critical duties
Clarification on Test before touch                                                                  
Infrastructure Managers   
01513 Concern over air quality at Liverpool Street Station Infrastructure Managers
01825 Concern over station’s inability to refund customers with Oyster cards Infrastructure Managers
01722 Concern over the Southern Shield Charter Infrastructure Managers
01705 Inadequate walkway at Mill Hill Signal Box Infrastructure Managers
01444 Issues with communication of safety information Infrastructure Managers
01770 Network Traffic Surveyors at risk of fatigue Infrastructure Managers
01644 Procedural concerns with internal reporting channels Infrastructure Managers
01774 Concern over conditions of emergency equipment and hazard signs LUL
01617 Concern over changes to T002/T003 Track Safety Critical Licensing Scheme LUL
01648 Concern over employee access to seasonal PPE Supply Chain
01715 Concern over fatigue monitoring for isolation teams Supply Chain
01738 Concern over recruitment and training with Network Rail Principal Contractors Supply Chain
01634 Equipment issues and lack of PPE provided to staff
Supply Chain
01851 Multiple safety concerns on the Crossrail Project (Abbey Wood to Westbourne Park)
Supply Chain
Risk of drivers being non-compliant due to expired medical examinations TOC
01674 Concern over content of LNER Safety Update Days TOC
Concern over footwear worn by safety critical staff
01707 Concern over lack of welfare facilities at South Gatehouse
Concern over reliability of weather prediction TOC
01741 Concern over Southeastern rail replacement bus services at Faversham TOC
Concern over taxi booking system provided for London Northwestern employees
Concern over trains running in service with potential faults
01627 Concern over uniform jackets TOC
01695 Ineffective internal channels potentially impacting employee wellbeing TOC
01655 Lack of security checks at Crewe station TOC
01673 Concern over loud ticket machine alarms at Finsbury Park Station TOC
01653 Staff exposed to diesel fumes at Birmingham Snow Hill Station TOC


Key: BTP - British Transport Police FOC - Freight Operating Company LUL - London Underground Ltd TOC - Train Operating Company