Our NEW podcast

In a newly released podcast, director of CIRAS Catherine Baker talks about why confidential reporting matters and how CIRAS works. It’s a great tool for explaining what role CIRAS plays in your business, and it’s available for you to share in meetings or toolbox talks with managers and frontline staff alike. Listen here.

CIRAS update at your meetings and briefings  

As the world of work goes increasingly online, we are too! Although it’s not possible for us to visit you right now, we’re offering to come along to your meetings to give a CIRAS update. Whether it’s your regular safety team meeting, a gathering of your operational managers, or a briefing for your frontline staff, with a ten-minute slot in the agenda we can help your business understand what we’re there to do and how we can help them. We are receiving a lower number of calls at the moment so please do keep reminding your staff we are here to listen if they have concerns, and let us know of any opportunities to contribute to your internal communications. Just contact your stakeholder manager directly or email us on enquiries@ciras.org.uk.  

Covid-19 reports to CIRAS – at a glance

For five weeks from mid-March, every concern raised with us was about Covid-19. In recognition of the value of this intelligence we sped up our processes, getting concerns to members within 24 hours, to help you plan your response to the virus. Take a look at our infographic showing what was reported to us and what happened as a result.

This infographic shows a snapshot of the Covid-19 concerns raised with us from mid-March to late May. Of the 32 reports sent to members, 27 were responded to by 28 May. The 48 concerns that were redirected or withdrawn include those where arrangements were changing so rapidly that for example someone raising a concern with CIRAS one evening finds it has been addressed by a company the next morning.

Managing infection risk and hard-copy newsletters

We publish our quarterly Frontline Matters newsletter in both hard copy and electronically. Traditionally many members tell us that their staff prefer hard copies, typically left in mess rooms or depots, where they are picked up and read. However, if you want to reduce the number of hard copies we send you, please just email us at enquiries@ciras.org.uk. You’ll still receive the electronic copy and we’d encourage you to find new ways of making that available to all staff. You can increase your hard copy newsletter order again at any time.

Updating your rep details

We have recently emailed all reps to ask you to check that the details we hold for you are up to date. It’s important as we need these to send you reports, newsletters and information about your membership (including member renewal and invoicing). This year we are also seeking additional information about other reporting channels you use, to help us improve our service. Thanks to all of you who have already responded. If you haven’t yet, please let us know if anything has changed. Don’t forget to check your junk mail in case the message has been diverted there!