CIRAS has never breached confidentiality. We will never release details that could identify anyone raising a concern with us.

When our analysts receive your concern, one of them will arrange to speak to you over the phone at a time that suits you. That means you can talk to them when you know you feel safe and can’t be overheard. The CIRAS analyst will listen to your concern and ask about what you do at work.

They will write up your concern to pass on to the company, leaving out details that might identify you. We never include job titles, and we will only mention locations if enough staff work there. If the analyst concludes from your discussion with them that we could not protect your identity if we passed on your concern, they’ll let you know that we won’t be able to take your concern further but will suggest other ways you can speak up.

We will protect your identity in every way – it’s what we do – but these simple tips will guarantee your confidentiality for good.