Find out more about the reports we have closed between December 2019 and January 2020. The table includes the report number, brief description and sector.

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Report no. Title Sector(s)
02117 Concern over vehicle fault auditing procedures at Chester and Rock Ferry Depots Bus & Coach
01963 Concern over slip, trip and fall hazards at Doncaster station carpark Infrastructure Managers
01943 Lack of air fed protective masks for employees carrying out cutting and grinding activities Infrastructure Managers
01874 Misleading label notices by gated small user work crossings Infrastructure Managers
02151 Potential insecure fencing in Southcote Reading area Infrastructure Managers
01997 Overgrown vegetation and scrap rail near Frimley track-paralleling hut Infrastructure Managers
02094 Insufficient rest periods potentially impacting employee fatigue
01957 Concern over competency measures Supply Chain/ TOC
02048 Equipment issues at Barton Hill Depot Supply Chain
01801 Concern over presence of vermin at Leicester station TOC
02089 Concern over employee exposure to raw sewage at Chingford yard TOC
02044 Concern over dazzling lights on Class 68 units TOC
02034 Concern over impact of increased workload at Eastcroft Depot TOC
02120 Concern over safety of bunk beds in Mark 5 Caledonian Sleepers TOC
02113 Concern over the operation of public announcement system on Class 395 TOC
02066 Lack of emergency evacuation training for Class 800 Azuma trains TOC


Key: FOC - Freight Operating Company : TOC - Train Operating Company