Your health is your wealth. Are you paying attention?

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Near the end of each year, there is Movember – to raise awareness and funds for mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer – as well as Sober October for Macmillan Cancer Support, Stoptober as a push to stop smoking, and 19 November is International Men’s Day.

In other words, it’s a good time to put your health – or your loved ones’ – in perspective.

With so much going on, everyone’s lives so busy, and brands vying for our attention all the time, it’s easy to forget to ask ourselves how we are. Are you feeling well?

Maybe the answer is no but you’ve not told anyone or seen a doctor to check it out. It’s better late than never to book an appointment: it could put your mind at rest, whether everything turns out to be ok or you need treatment.

Perhaps physically you are well, but struggle with your mental health. The doctor can help you here too, but there are also other options. You may have access to an employee assistance programme at work. Elsewhere, local talking groups such as Andy’s Man Club, MenSpeak and Man Health are supportive spaces where you can share and/or listen. In a time of crisis, or for a chat, there is Samaritans. And don’t forget to reach out to supportive and understanding friends and family.

Check yourself, don’t forget yourself

How would you know that you’re well? If you’re aged 40 to 74, haven’t had a stroke and don’t have a pre-existing health condition, the NHS can give you a health check (see More information). This could give you peace of mind that everything’s ticking along ok, or make you aware of issues to keep an eye on.

Earlier diagnosis of some health conditions, such as cancer, can lead to better outcomes.

If you can’t access a health check on the NHS, try your own: Men’s Health Forum has a DIY guide with simple tests and quizzes you can do to see how you are. You can also use tools such as its Man MOT guide (see More information) to ask yourself key questions about your health and set yourself challenges to be healthier.

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