We care that you, our members, are happy with the customer service you receive from us.  

It’s really important to us that you feel CIRAS membership offers value to you, which is why we engage with you throughout the year to find out what you think and how else we can improve what we do.  

Your comments always help to inform us, whether you share your thoughts with your stakeholder manager, or in your feedback after receiving a CIRAS report, or when responding to our annual rep survey.  

Below, we share just a few examples of what you’ve told us recently. 

Remember: you can contact your stakeholder manager or email us at enquiries@ciras.org.uk at any time if you have any ideas or would like some help – for example if you’d like us to attend your safety briefing to staff, want to request data we have on a safety topic, or you have suggestions for CIRAS resources you’d find useful.  

Did you know? One-third of member companies’ feedback following a CIRAS report, collected in 2020/21, stated that the report gave them new information and highlighted potential safety outcomes that may have gone unreported.  

From April to November 2021, 25 reports related to precursors of train accidents, 18 to incidents that could lead to an individual being struck or crushed and 15 to stress and wellbeing. 

Three people on phone headsets offering customer service to members

Member feedback 

‘When I received our first report, my initial feeling was worry, but information on how to respond was included in the email with the report and it was really useful to follow the steps and I realised there was nothing to worry about. Now I have responded, I would not be worried about receiving another report. I was fully supported by managers and senior managers who took the report seriously and provided information quickly so that I could compile the response, which was then made into a lessons learned bulletin shared with the wider workforce.’  

‘The information available from CIRAS is very useful and is a good resource to pass on to our health and safety manager.’ 

‘Although we are a small company we are still treated the same as the larger organisations. Thank you.’ 

‘Proactive reporting before the incident/accident is the best way to ensure safety on the railways.’ 

‘By being a rep and able to promote the CIRAS service, I can offer another layer of confidence to the frontline workforce that their safety is of genuine concern to the industry.’ 

‘We have a company environment, health and safety incident reporting system that is well established and used, but it is good to have an alternative channel.’ 

‘The information available and opportunity to attend member events helps in my own personal development as a safety manager.’ 

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